Hydration tips to nourish dry summer skin


As much as we love the summer sun, it can have a drying effect on the skin.  Whether all-over skin dryness or parched, dry patches.  However, there are ways to nourish, soften and hydrate the skin.  The know-how is looking for products with the best natural ingredients.  Those that will quench the thirstiest of skin.

So, what should you be looking out for in your body moisturiser?

The answer is… tea tree oil!  And better still, tea tree oil with the antioxidant and skin-enriching powerhouse virgin coconut oil.

What are the skin benefits?

Tea tree oil carries a trio of amazing antis: it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.   What makes it such a superior skin healing ingredient is its balanced composition.  It includes top actives – cineole and terpineol.  These are well-documented to condition and hydrate skin.  Similarly, they can help heal psoriasis, eczema and even sunburn.

Our top tips to keep your summer skin happy and hydrated



Try our Tropika Skin Coconut Moisturiser with tea tree oil (£13.99).  

Blended with tea tree oil is virgin coconut oil which has its own amazing skin benefits. A rich and soothing body cream, it can be used daily.  Locking in moisture, the natural cream replenishes dry patches.  And, because of its anti-inflammatory qualities will calm any irritation.   Learn more about it here.

Keep hydrated

Why not experiment with fruit-infused DIY jugs of water?  You could try adding orange slices and mint or blueberry and lavender.  Alternatively, try coconut water mixed with a little-pureed watermelon and a squeeze of lime.   Keep the drinks cool in the fridge.

Be careful that you’re not over-exfoliating

Exfoliating can damage the skin’s balance.  That’s because it can be abrasive, making skin more susceptible to dryness from the sun.  Instead, it’s better to hydrate with the right product.

Finally, counter-balance sun-cream, chlorine and air conditioning

All these things affect the skin’s moisture, so counter-balance this with body moisturising. Make it part of your everyday routine.

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